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Independent Medical Practitioners at Alpha Medical Centre bulk bill all eligible patients for medical consultations when they present their Medicare card. Skin doctors will charge a private fee for procedures. Skin checks are bulk billed for concession card holders. Other patients will be charged a private fee and receive a rebate from Medicare.

Please ensure that you provide the receptionist with your Medicare card when you attend your consultation.

If you know that you are an eligible Medicare card holder but are unable to provide your Medicare card let our receptionist know and we can contact Medicare to get your card details.

If you do not have a valid Medicare Card, you will be charged a practice fee. The fee for a standard consultation is $80 and the fee for a long consultation is $120.

If you have a newborn child without a Medicare Card a doctor will see your child although you will need to contact our practice as soon as you get your child's new Medicare card and give the Medicare details to our receptionist.

Overseas visitors will be charged a time-based practice fee on the day of your consultation.

Work injury patients and CTP (Motor Vehicle accident) claims will be invoiced to the appropriate insurer.

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