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X-Rays and Ultrasound are temporarily unavailable. please check for updates.

Western Imaging Group is located next door to the Seven Hills Super clinic. No appointment is necessary for Xrays.

If you require an Ultrasound at the Seven Hills Xray clinic  please call Ph: 9622 2292. The X-Ray clinic is available without an appointment. Instant x-ray and ultrasound images can be viewed quickly by your GP once they have been taken. All patients with a current Medicare card are bulk billed. 
All general x-rays and ultrasounds procedures are performed using the latest in digital technology. Films are processed with Computed Radiography systems eliminating environmentally unfriendly chemicals.

Other Services provided by the radiologist will be performed by Western Imaging Group Blacktown

Ph:9622 2292. These include CT scans, biopsies, mammograms, barium enemas, DEXA Bone Densitometry and Nuchal Translusency scans.



Make an appointment to see a doctor today.
Alpha Medical Centre is open 6 days a week


X-ray is available at Shop 49B Seven Hills Plaza
Monday to Friday from  9:00am to 5:00pm
No appointment is required.

Ultrasound is available at Shop 49B Seven Hills Plaza
Tuesday & Thursday from 10am to 2pm
Please call 9622 2292 to make an appointment


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