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Independent psychologists consulting Psychology services are located in the shopping at the Seven Hills Super Clinic. Psychologists have many years experience treating a wide range of mental health issues for adults, children, families and adolescents. Treatment is evidence-based and specifically tailored to the needs of the family or individual.
Therapy sessions involve counselling, relaxation techniques, neurofeedback and cognitive behaviour therapy which are proven to produce positive results.

Specific areas for which treatment is offered include:

  • Child behavioural problems

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Irritability

  • Sleep difficulties

  • Low motivation

  • Memory problems

  • Poor concentration

  • Relationship problems


  • Anger management

  • Drug and alcohol addiction

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Grief and loss counselling

  • Self-esteem and self development issues

  • Impulsiveness & lack of self control

  • Workplace issues

  • Workers compensation

Medicare Funded Psychology Services
If you have a Mental Health Care Plan created by your GP you may be eligible to have 10 psychologist visits per year subsidised under Medicare. Some psychologists will bulk bill you which means that there will be no out of pocket costs for your psychology treatment. Some psychologists charge a private fee. Please ask about the fees charged by your psychologist when you call to book an appointment. 

Ask your GP to see if you are eligible for psychology services under Medicare.

Workers Compensation
The psychologists we support work closely with GPs, rehabilitation providers, employers and insurers to support injured workers as they return to work. As part of ’your treatment, your psychologist can send regular progress reports and closely liaise with your GP, rehabilitation provider and insurer. The psychologists consulting at Seven Hills Super Clinic accept referrals from GPs, rehabilitation providers and insurance companies.

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